Drive more leads

for property developers

Our Ai-driven recommendation engine

  • will analyze your user’s behavior
  • propose matching new-developments for each user
  • increase the # of leads you deliver to developers by up to 200%

How it works

Data collection
Training models

Homsters Home Match collects the behavioral data of the users browsing your portal looking for those who are most likely to purchase a new-development. Once a user is flagged as a potential new-home buyer the Ai-Engine proposes a matching project for each user inviting him to visit the landing page and leave a lead. Our engine improves with every day as our Machine Learning algorithms learn more about your users and improve the quality of matches rapidly increasing the number of leads you deliver to property developers.

Easy to Install

  • Place the Homsters Home Match data collection code on your site
  • Provide a link to XML feed of your real estate listings
  • Decide on which pages you want to showcase recommendations
  • Watch the number of leads grow!

Control results

Our dashboards allow you to monitor the whole sales funnel: the amount of data collected, recommendations made and leads created. Our Support Team will stand by to help you achieve maximum results.

Some success cases

HHM became the #1 lead generation source
10X traffic growth to new development landing pages